November-December 2004
11 Probiotics: Protection for Our Intestinal Flora
12 Red Chili Peppers... Burning yet Heals
13 Rosemary... Dew of  The Sea
14 Obesity... The Modern Lifestyle Legacy
15 Prejudice against Large-Sized People
16 What is Obesity... Sawsan Wazan
17 Surgical Procedures To Treat Obesity
18 LEAP into shape with MEFIT 2004
    19 Liposuction: Fat Removal
1 Editorial 20' Migraine in Children & Adolescents... Dr. Shabbirr  Saifuddin
2 Global Links
Nutritional Clinic
21 Sugar in the spot
Natural Nutrients
3 Dividing Calcium and Vitamin D Doses 22 Hazards of Tobacco on Oral Health
4 Sheikh Khaled El Kasemi: Emirate Rally Star 23 Aphasia... A Troubling Disorder
5 Rhinoplasty (Nose Reshaping)... Dr. Farhat Bokhari 24 Excessive Sweating
6 Dubai Physiotherapy Conference... ADI Medical Services 25 Malaysia Targets $1.5 B Trade with UAE
7 Bone Strength    
8 Food Preservation: No loss of Food's Nutritional Value    
9 Cooking Techniques    
10 The Importance of Dental Care... Dr. Ervin Belcher     


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