Amusing News
In Paris people from all the societal classes, races and nationalities use the bus or the metro as a transportation method. They do so very nicely and decently as if politeness and respect for others are sort of an epidemic spreading among them willingly or not.
While looking at the "Figaro", a famous French newspaper, I read a piece of news about a German demonstrator who threw a tomato at the German chancellor Gerhard Schroeder's assistant and was put on trial.
Until now, it is no more than an ordinary piece of news.
However … the clash took place between the judge and the defense lawyer …
Was the tomato ripe red or green?
If it were green, then it would physically harm the chancellor's assistant i.e. the accused meant to harm him and would be sentenced according to the German law
On the other hand, was the tomato ripe red then the accused would be set free without trial since demonstrations and the freedom to express opinions are allowed in western countries as well as in few other countries .
Certainly, we are not discussing healthy nutrition and the difference between the benefits of red or green tomatoes.
We are rather talking about a judicial verdict that is based upon a tomato's ripeness.
The weirdness of all was that nobody specified the size of the pre-mentioned tomato… It might weigh a kilogram upon ripening; with such as mass it is more harming than a 100-grams green tomato per say.
Also nothing was mentioned about what would the judge say if the tomato was greenish red or reddish green???
How would that poor judge rule? For whose welfare? The chancellor's assistant? Or the demonstrating public? For democracy's or politics sake?
Isn't it politics democracy?  
Isn't it democracy politics also?
Which ruling would be more democratic?
Questions that remind me of a lot of this world's judges and rulers 
For whose welfare would they rule? Under whose command?
Who rules those judges and rulers?
Science?... Law?... Rightness?... Conscience?... Money or Politics?...
Who governs the highest authority in this world?

A ripe tomato thrown at the head of a great European country's ruler is not worthy of a trial or a legal pursue …
But if you throw a stone towards a military tank, you are pursued for a terrorism crime worldwide.
And we talk about democracy and human rights…
Whose democracy?  And rights of whom?