Every day that Humanity allows Destructions, Death and Hatred,
Humanity will loose part of its Humanity


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Get your cup of coffee ready and prepare yourself to have an interesting, relaxing  cultural chat about the fields of agriculture, animal production and human food quality, production and protection.
There are times when surfing this ocean of information called the internet seems
useless… where, as one poet puts it, “water, water everywhere and not a drop to drink”, we find immense amount of data and few interesting information.

We, MEAP (Middle East Agrifood Publishers), are the editors of three scientific magazines, “Poultry Middle East & North Africa”, “Bovine & Ovine Middle East & North Africa” and "Health & Nutrition", in addition to a yearly special issue, “Poultry Yearbook” (that presents a profile on the most important poultry suppliers worldwide). These publications are edited in Arabic, with an English section at the end containing abstracts on the articles published.
The circulation of each magazine is around 25000 copies per issue, distributed worldwide, mainly in the Middle East and North Africa regions.
With its technical, specialized team, MEAP also provides the following services: production, editorship, translation into Arabic, redesigning and printing of brochures, manual and bulletins etc…
What we are trying to suggest here is a site dedicated to our readers and advertisers containing the following:

  • Editorials of Eng. Antoine Sayegh published in “Poultry Middle East & North Africa” magazine

  • Editorials of Eng. Ghassan Sayegh published in “Bovine & Ovine Middle East & North Africa” magazine

  • Articles published in “Poultry” and “Bovine & Ovine” magazines